Woman Fashion Show

Use this idea to turn a standard fundraising dinner into something a bit more fun and entertaining. You'll need to find some brave men who are ready to embarrass themselves by taking part in a “wo”man fashion show.

You're going to need donations of dresses, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. You can look in local resale shops or ask for donations from people within your group.

The next step is preparing a dressing room for your volunteer models complete with mirrors for applying makeup. Have volunteers ready to pull up zippers and check that wigs are on straight too.

You can have the fashion show after everyone has sat down for dinner, or during dessert. An emcee should take on the job of introducing each model, and you can put together a short bio for each of them: “next we have Denise, she is five foot ten inches tall, and in her spare time she likes to shop for hiking and outdoor gear” for example.

Above all, ensure the event is as humorous and light-hearted as possible. All of your guests are guaranteed to have a good time (even the models), and it will definitely liven up your next fundraising dinner.

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