Pampering in Prison

This is a new twist on the idea of doing a lock up for charity. Rather than locking up prisoners and having them make calls to friends and family in order to raise bail, pamper them instead. The aim is to get people requesting to be locked up and treated like royalty for the day.

Take a small donation from everyone who wants to be ‘arrested' and create a list of offenses that they've supposedly committed. Instead of picking people up, you have have them turn themselves in. You could forewarn your prisoners with a note so they have time to prepare themselves and can bring their phonebooks with them. Explain how much they need to raise so they can get started before they're locked up.

You'll need to arrange volunteers to do the pampering within the prison that you've organized. You could include massage therapists, hair stylists, makeup artists, manicurists and estheticians for facials. Try and ensure your pampering stations appeal to both men and women and have phones available for bail money calls. One of the benefits of this idea is that you can use your imagination and be as creative as you like to attract as much interest as you can.

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