Funny Photo Contest

Give all of the aspiring photographers you know the opportunity to to showcase their funniest pictures with this fundraiser: have a funny photo competition and request submissions from anyone in your group.

Set up the pictures you get as if it were a genuine art show — have the pictures framed or matted, and include a small biography of the photographer by the side. In order to raise some money from the event, introduce a judging element: place a container by each picture so that people can drop in coins or bills as a way of voting for the photos they like the most (one cent equals one vote and the picture with the most cash wins).

While visitors are judging, offer sparkling grape juice, fruit and cheese to say thank you for coming and to keep people's spirits up.

You might want to set this up in a public space (a local shopping mall for example) to draw in a bigger crowd and more cash as a result. You could also leave the display set up for a week or a long weekend, as long as someone keeps an eye on the collected cash.

One alternative would be to auction off the funny photos instead, with the winning photo being the one that sells for the highest price at the end.


  1. I love this idea! We’re going to use it at our Scrapbooking Fundraiser in October!

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