Deposit Bottle Collection

Here's a fundraiser guaranteed to go down well in States that have a returnable bottle deposit or areas offering money for scrap collecting (check with local centers if you're unsure).

Create a simple personalized flyer offering details about your group and the causes you're collecting for on this occasion. Set a collection day and spread the word: get residents to leave their returnable bottles and cans on the front porch by 9am. Your flyers should be distributed house-to-house around the local area but not placed in mailboxes (as this violates federal law).

It's wise to give people a few days' notice to collect their bottles and cans but leave it too long and they'll forget. It's an easy way to raise some cash, as you're saving residents the trouble of returning the bottles themselves.

It's a good idea to print out thank you notes to be left at the houses of anyone who gets involved. You might want to mention the reasons for your collection again so that people know what the money is going towards. On the day itself drive around in trucks and vans that offer plenty of space for you to store and transport the bottles and cans.

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