It's time to hit the dancefloor and throw some shapes!

Putting on a 24-hour dance-a-thon offers a fun and straightforward way of raising money for your organization. Get a group of willing participants to sign up (either individually or as couples) then encourage them to get pledges from friends, relatives and neighbors. Allow enough time before the event so that all of your dancers can collect plenty of donations from those in their nearby community.

Next, locate a decent venue with enough space for all of your dancers to strut their stuff — something like a community center or a gym attached to a school will work well. Look for a central location that's easy to access for everyone who's coming along.

Make sure there are beverages and light snacks on sale to keep the dancers (and spectators) going for the whole day. A DJ can be a good idea, but a stereo and a CD player (or a Spotify playlist) is a cheaper option and lets everyone have a say on the music being played — participants might want to bring along their own CDs or their own iPods. Have a small prize available for the last ones left dancing.

You can check out this article for more information about holding a dance fundraiser.


  1. Devon Wood says:

    Would love to get a fundraiser going for all abuse. A dance a thon at a local recreational gym or a school gym.

  2. Vicki Sinclair says:

    I am doing an event very soon (December) where I will walk across the US for Awareness and hope for domestic violence and sexual abuse. I was a victim and now I AM A SURVIVOR! Joyful Heat Foundation inspires me to dream and thrive with a passion and purpose! I hope to bring that to life in every state I touch!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I would love to put on a Dance-A Thon but I have no idea how i would go about finding a venue that would allow me to do a 24 hour event. Any ideas?

  4. Worton says:

    “Did I teach you that?” J. Lo called out to her ex as she and Diddy danced in sync, virtually. She was joined by Alex Rodriguez, outing him as Diddy’s “biggest fan from the Bad Boy era.”

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