Board Game Tournament

Family Playing Board Game At Home With Grandparents WatchingA board game tournament is a fun twist on the popular card tournament idea, and is something that everyone can have a go at no matter what their level of experience.

Choose a fun game that most people are likely to be familiar with, such as Sorry, Monopoly, Clue or Trouble. Get 4 person teams in place (working together to accumulate points) or have individuals playing for themselves instead.

To raise funds for your charity, charge an entry fee to each time or individual that's taking part. You can keep some of this separate for a prize fund or have prizes donated from local businesses.

Another decision you have to make is whether to use a time limit for each game — this gives all the participants a fair chance and also means that you can keep to a designated schedule. Make sure everyone who is playing is aware of the house rules (these can vary between families and households).

Make sure there's enough room for the audience and think about having a 50/50 raffle or standard raffle for door prizes. Something else you should definitely consider is a concession stand offering up coffee, soda pop, popcorn, hot dogs, chips and bottles of water to earn some extra cash for your group.

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