Say Fundraising with Flowers

Flowers instantly brighten anyone's day. Everyone enjoys a nice bouquet to add some color to their household in spring. However, receiving flowers is a treat any time of year. That's why flower fundraising is an excellent way to raise money for your next charity event, regardless of the holiday.

Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, Easter, Father's Day, Thanksgiving, or Halloween – here are our favorite reasons to give flowers for charity:

Valentine's Day

Flower sales double, even triple, on the day of love. Almost everyone buys flowers for their sweetie on Valentine's Day because almost every sweetie darn well expects them! Try something a little more unique on Valentine's Day by making red and pink corsages, or heart shaped bouquets made from wholesale discount flowers.

You can set up a booth outside busy card shops and chocolate shops to sell your colorful wares. Or offer to deliver flower arrangements for free. You can also sell single roses in a ‘secret admirer' campaign, where donors tell you whom they'd like their rose delivered to. If this is a school event, flowers can be delivered to crushes during class.

Mother's Day

Moms always deserve flowers. Most people would probably buy flowers for their mom every day if they could. On a day that's meant to celebrate moms and all they do for us, flowers are a big seller. Circulate the neighborhood to take orders from sons and daughters, young and old.

If you take the orders in advance, you can make pastel bouquets and corsages for moms ahead of time. Remember, you can also deliver to mom at home or work for an extra donation.

Christmas Poinsettias

Beautiful red poinsettias are the perfect flowering plant to grace the holiday dinner table. During Christmas, people are often too busy to remember little extras like adding a vibrant poinsettia to their Christmas list.

Approach a local florist and explain your charity event. Oftentimes, they will offer discounted bulk orders if they know it will be going to a good cause. Plan ahead by taking poinsettia orders in mid-November, and offer to deliver them a few weeks before Christmas Day.

Holiday Wreaths

Another often overlooked item at Christmastime is the holiday door wreath. Fragrant and fresh, pine-scented Christmas wreaths can be a great make-ahead item to sell for charity. Again, take orders mid-November, and deliver a few weeks prior to Christmas.

Harvest Flowers

Look at the magazines in the checkout lines come October, and you will awed by the gargantuan Thanksgiving centerpieces gracing their covers. Sure, you might not have the budget of a big magazine, but you can make the lives in your community a little less hectic and a lot more colorful by taking orders for harvest table centerpieces a few weeks ahead of Thanksgiving, and delivering them a few hours before the family arrives and the feasting begins!

Fall Harvest

Come fall, flower bulb fundraisers are commonplace before the frost sets in. Ask any avid gardener, and they will tell you how important it is to find and plant their bulbs before Jack Frost enters the scene.

Look to local garden stores and online bulb distributors who offer catalogs full of unique bulbs and plants for door-to-door fundraising purposes.

Halloween Haunting

What is one thing that everyone celebrating Halloween must have set ablaze on their front stoop on All Hallows Eve? Why, a pumpkin of course! Look to local grocers and farms who will give you a cut of their jack-o-lantern sales if you offer to go house to house taking pre-orders.

You can deliver pumpkins a week before Halloween, and even offer to carve pumpkins for an extra donation using some scary cut-out stencils.

Spring Forward Bulbs

Yes, bulbs are popular in fall, but they are equally popular in spring. So spring forward with your fundraising efforts by going door-to-door with catalogs full of flower seed packets, flowering bushes, and tulip bulbs for sale.

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