Fundraising Games: 5 Fun & Creative Game Ideas

Boost Your Fundraising Event with Fun Games

Fundraising GamesFundraising events are always about more than just trying to raise money. They are about raising and spreading awareness for a charity or organization that means something to you while creating a sense of community. In this article, we will take a look at the 5 most fun and creative fundraising games to boost a fundraising event.

Fundraisers are important because it raises funds for items that may be needed, services, and other programs that might otherwise not have the funding they need to continue. It gives people a chance to feel empowered and gain the experience and feeling of being able to help others without receiving anything in return.

For a fundraising event to be beneficial, you need to consider the people in your demographic that you are trying to spread your message to. Finding sponsors and donors for prizes are helpful and hosting an event is a great way to get everyone together to work toward the same cause.

If you are looking for ways to boost your fundraising event and attract some much-needed attention, then it is time to consider fun and creative game ideas to tell your story and to engage the community.

There are loads of fundraiser ideas out there, such as casino nights, golf tournaments, cookie dough fundraisers, silent auctions, art raffles, rubber duck races, karaoke fundraisers, gala events… the list is endless. You can even raise funds by charging a small entry fee. However, we believe the best fundraiser ideas should be total fun. And by this, we mean fundraising games. So, if you are looking to raise money, why not organize one of our top picks below?

Trivia Tournament

Hosting a trivia tournament is an excellent idea for parents and children alike. A trivia night can bring families together so they can bond and have fun while raising funds for the nonprofit organization that they are helping.

To get started, you need to choose the night that you would like to host the event. A Friday or Saturday night would be best to ensure the biggest turnout. Hosting an event in the middle of the week might prove harder to get people to attend because they may be too tired from work or have other obligations.

Always keep in mind the demographic and if you are seeking out families with school aged children then it is wise not to choose a school night. Next, you should figure out how many rounds you want the trivia night to have, what topics will be covered, how many people are allowed per team, who will give the questions and host the actual trivia game, and what incentive do they have to win?

When putting together a trivia night to receive donations a per team fee could be charged. For example, set a dollar amount for each time that has four people. There are many ways to conduct this fun and creative fundraising game event night, and rewards can be offered for those that place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Board Game Night

Hosting a classic board game night could be a great idea for families and children and gets them away from the hustle and bustle of electronics while encouraging quality time.

board game night

Everyone can bring a classic board game from home and money can be raised with admission or ticketing registration. If you choose to go with teams then setting up a competition entry form will help give you an idea on the number of people that will attend and to save money and gain all profit from your fundraising event, you can find volunteers to come and help keep score and watch over the festivities.

Advertising through social media, community centers, schools, and restaurants are a great way to spread the news of the upcoming event. Another way to earn more money by hosting this type of event is also to hold a bake sale or concession stand to boost the amount of money that is raised.

Carnival Night

Hosting a carnival night is a classic and traditional fundraising event that includes several different game options that keep people engaged. Donations are made through the sale of game tickets and concession stand snacks and drinks.

carnival night

Contacting local restaurants and stores and informing them of the fundraising event could also gain additional sponsors and donors and you can find people to donate items for the event so you don’t have to spend any additional money on the event and all income can go straight to the charity or non-profit organization you are helping.

Sample Games

  • Basketball toss
  • Water balloon toss
  • Knock stacked cans with a ball
  • Balloon popping
  • Corn hole toss
  • Fishing booth
  • Duck race
  • Ring toss
  • Balloon pop relay game

Find a good location with a lot of space and be sure that there are safety rules in place. Get any permits you may need and advertise the event. Find enough volunteers to be in charge of ticket sales, gameplay, safety crew, and setup and cleanup crew to cut down on any other additional costs.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is a fun fundraising game that appeals to people of all ages. Finding a location and picking a date for the event are the first steps and the most important. Some places may even donate their space if it is a fundraising event so that there is no cost to the organization for the use of the space. Once you find a place that is willing to work with your organization, then pick a date and make your reservation.

Having a theme for any fundraising event is also a way to boost attendance and gain more donations. Come up with a theme that appeals to the people in your community and make it unique. For example, you can do parents versus kids, or even teachers versus students.

There is a lot of room for creativity when it comes to the theme and teams that you can form. The more unique and interesting the idea is and the more you promote the cause, the more people and donations you will get.

Fun and Silly Fashion Show

Fashion shows are pretty common when it comes to fundraising events, but it is the way you play the game that makes it special and able to stand apart from others. Ask for donations of old Halloween costumes, hats, accessories, and other fun and interesting articles of clothing.

Fun Fashion Show

Place all of the clothing and accessories in a box in the back and people can take turns walking against each other after blindly grabbing items from the box, quickly placing them on, and walking the runway with confidence. The person that gets the most applause for their incredibly silly and creative costume wins.

For this event, you can charge admission and collect donations through the ticket sales and concession sales.

There are so many options when it comes to creative and fun games to include in your next fundraising event that your imagination is the only limitation. Advertising and marketing the event is the biggest aspect of fundraising. Make it fun and make it enjoyable and people are sure to participate, especially if it is for an organization that they want to support.

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