3 Creative Ways to Ask for Donations

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Whether your nonprofit is relatively small and just starting in the fundraising game or you’ve been around for years, you’re likely looking for fresh ways to ask for donations. Technology and the internet have enabled nonprofits to ask for donations in a variety of previously unknown ways.

If you’re looking for some ways to change up your fundraising strategies next year, we have three innovative ideas that will help your organization raise money in new, creative ways.

1. Ask for Donations on Facebook

Facebook used to be a space reserved for young people and college kids. But now, the social media giant has grown to include users of all ages. Millennials and baby boomers alike are all posting, sharing, and liking pages and posts.

And while your nonprofit may have to compete with your donors’ friends’ updates and their engagement photos, you can start using Facebook to solicit donations from your followers!

One way you can start raising more money with Facebook is to use it as a place to link donors to your online donation page. You shouldn’t be making donation requests within every single post, but you can encourage donors to make a contribution by posting a status with an eye-catching image at least on a weekly basis.

Additionally, you can include a donation page right on your Facebook page! This way, your donors don’t even have to leave the social network to give to their favorite nonprofit.

And just as an added bonus, your nonprofit will likely gain more followers when you ask for donations on Facebook. Give donors ways to share their donation with their friends, and you’ll probably see an increase in your post reach.

Social media fundraising is on the rise. Make sure your nonprofit doesn’t get left in the dust!

2. Ask for Donations via Text Message

It seems like people use their cell phones for nearly everything these days. You can book a flight, check in with a friend halfway across the world, and buy a new pair of jeans all in a matter of seconds.

Your nonprofit should take advantage of text-to-give technology and start asking for donations on the one device that most people can’t leave home without!

Text-to-give campaigns were made popular after the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010. Now, nonprofits can make use of text-to-give technology that allows donors to quickly make a donation while they’re finding the nearest coffee shop.

Additionally, there are numerous mobile apps on the market that enable nonprofits to raise money efficiently and effectively.

Asking for donations via text message is a quick way to rally people around your cause. Text-to-give campaigns can supplement your regular fundraising efforts or you can use them for special events.

3. Ask for Donations at your Fundraising Events

Ok, so fundraising events aren’t exactly the newest kids on the block as far as asking for donations goes, but your nonprofit can still get creative with your events and encourage your supporters to donate to your cause.

Fundraising events are a great way for your donors to interact with one another and members of your organization. Not only can these events serve as get-to-know-you opportunities, but they are also perfect opportunities for your nonprofit to raise some extra money!

Whether you’re hosting an art fundraiser for your middle school or a gala for a museum, using fundraising events as a way to ask for donations can be a great way to generate more funds for your organization.

In addition to your standard event fundraising strategies, you can implement a text-to-give campaign during your fundraiser or have a designated table set up where people can make a donation.

However you plan on using a fundraiser to ask for donations, make sure that you are getting creative! Take a look at our fundraising ideas for inspiration!

There you have it! It’s never too late to get creative with your fundraising appeals. Start asking for donations on Facebook, with text messages, and at your various events and your nonprofit will raise more money from your donors!


Abby Jarvis is a blogger, marketer, and communications coordinator for Qgiv, an online fundraising service provider. Qgiv offers industry-leading online giving peer to peer fundraising tools for nonprofit, faith-based, and political organizations of all sizes. When she’s not working at Qgiv, Abby can usually be found writing for local magazines, catching up on her favorite blogs, or binge-watching sci-fi shows on Netflix.

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