Business Fundraisers

Create a self-funding Fun Team at your place of work and you might be surprised at how quickly employee morale improves. The aim of the group is to host a variety of mini-fundraising events throughout the year to entertain your employees and as a result keep them happy and productive. Here are just a few ideas…

You could hold a Brown Bag Your Lunch Day — encourage your employees to make lunch at home and donate what they would have spent on food. Another idea is to find a local florist willing to donate a bouquet of flowers each month, which can then be raffled off (to brighten up a desk or someone else’s day perhaps).

Another possible idea is to reserve a premium parking space in your company’s lot. This can then be auctioned off to the highest bidder or given out through a raffle. Bringing pizza and soda pop in to your place of work and selling it for $1 a slice/bottle is an easy way to raise funds — the employees will appreciate having a cheap lunch made available, and you can make a tidy profit too.

On a related note, why not bring in bagels or donuts to sell during the morning? You can also raffle off a lunch date with the CEO, or, if you think it’s appropriate, rent a dunk tank and get your CEO and upper management to volunteer to sit in it — employees can pay $1 a ball and try to hit your human targets.

If you need yet more ideas: host a Jean Friday and let people pay $2 to wear something denim to work. Or why not work with the Human Resources department to raffle a paid day off?

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