Wrap It Up!

We all know from experience that the Holidays are a busy time and people are often willing to pay for certain services that save them time. One of the most popular services in this area is gift wrapping, and you can set up a dedicated booth at your next fundraiser.

It's a fundraising idea that all sorts of groups can get involved with and you can run it just about anywhere where there are shops. You're going to require a choice of wrapping papers as well as all the usual bits and pieces (ribbon, gift tags, scissors and tape).

Most importantly you're going to need volunteers to do the wrapping. You can opt to charge per item or ask for people to donate an amount they think is suitable (the second option is often more profitable).

As for potential locations, speak to local shopping malls about setting up your booth during the Holiday season, particularly any time during the weekends. Bookstores are popular shopping destinations, so you could consider working near one of them (what's more, books are relatively easy to wrap). Speak to as many local storage managers as you can to see who's interested.

This fundraiser can also work as a great extra for a Craft Show. If you think it would help, you could have a selection of empty boxes on hand for wrapping gifts that are a difficult shape.

Find more information on gift wrap fundraisers here.

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