Winery or Brewpub Bus Tour

One problem when visiting wineries and brewpubs is that you need to appoint a designated driver, and this is an annoyance that your group can solve by hosting a Winery or Brewpub Bus Tour. The fundraiser is appropriate for adult groups and shouldn't be open to anyone younger than 21 (or whatever the minimum drinking age is in your area).

You're going to need to rent a tour bus and hire a driver (or do the driving yourself) to shuttle the participants around for the duration of the day. Plan a route that takes in several wineries or brewpubs but be sure to avoid creating a rushed schedule. Most places won't offer food, so make a reservation at a nearby restaurant for lunch.

It's advisable to contact each of the wineries and brewpubs in advance so that they're prepared for your group. You could arrange to have a behind-the-scenes tour for example. Get the word out about the event by contacting local newspapers and distributing flyers around the community.

In the promotional material you can list all of the wineries and brewpubs you're visiting to encourage people to sign up. When the tour has finished, it might be appropriate to remind everyone about the importance of only driving when sober. Thanks to your group, this isn't a problem they'll have to worry about on this occasion.

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