Windshield Washing

For this fundraiser you're going to need to partner up with a popular local fast food outlet that has a drive thru lane. Collect squeegees, towels and some cleaning solution, then offer to wash the windshields of all the vehicles that pass by in return for a donation to your cause.

To maximize your takings, focus your efforts around the busiest times of the day (e.g. breakfast, lunch and dinner). Make sure there's someone at the back of the line explaining to drivers who your group is and why you're raising money. Ask politely if they would like to donate and keep the speeches as short as you can to keep cars moving.

You'll need to mark the cars that have donated with a bar of soap or a sticky note to indicate that the windshield needs cleaning. You can quickly move past cars that don't want to take part in the event.

Work as quickly as you can but be thorough and do the best job you can within the time available. Be sure to smile and thank everyone who has donated. Don't hold up the drive thru queue and both the restaurant and their patrons will be thankful for the effort you've put in.

You can read more about car wash fundraisers here.

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