Wacky Hat Day

A Wacky Hat Day is a fun fundraiser that will work equally well at a school, a place of business, or a house of worship. It involves exactly what you think it would looking at its name.

In return for a $1-2 donation, let the participants wear a wacky hat for the day. The money is collected first thing and those involved then get a sticker or hand stamp to show they've paid up and are entitled to their crazy head gear. You could set up a “create your own wacky hat” station for anyone who wants to join in but doesn't have a hat to use — this station should have blank hats, fabric, paints, glue, sparkles and other decorative items available.

You could also put some hats up for sale and arrange a contest to give out prizes for the best, worst, silliest and cutest hats. A parade of wacky hats might also be a good idea. Use your imagination to personalize your Wacky Hat Day to suit your own situation.

This is an ideal fundraiser to run on one particular day of Spirit Week, and you can get the principal and teachers involved to increase the level of fun.

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