Trivia Night

A trivia night fundraiser caters to everyone's competitive spirit, teaches you facts you didn't know and raises funds for your cause all at the same time.

Search around your local area for a bar or restaurant with a private room that you can rent for an evening. The venue you choose might offer a discount if its for a good cause (remember that they'll be making money on the food and beverages people order as well).

Alternatively you can host the trivia night in a church hall room or an auditorium in a school and keep all of the money from food and drink sales.

See if your city has a trivia game provider who might be willing to donate their expertise for one night. Alternatively, you might fancy the challenge of putting together your own set of questions. Remember you'll need a microphone and a volunteer to act as emcee.

You can charge a flat fee for people to take part in the contests. If you can, put together individual and team challenges, and a special round for kids if the event is open to the whole family. Make sure you have prizes available for the winners — these can be gift certificates for stores or restaurants in the area, or even small customized trophies.

Find out more about hosting your own fundraising trivia night here.

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