Traveling Hobo Band

Not only is this a great fundraiser to try, it's very easy to set up too — all that you're going to need is a pickup truck filled with some tacky yard decorations. Think along the lines of plastic lawn chairs, pink flamingos, an old toilet, a stone goose and similar items

Borrow a banjo and a harmonica and gather together a group of willing “hobos” for the task. You'll need to dress the part too, in clothes that are ragged around the edges.

In advance print out an information sheet that explains something about your group and the cause that you're raising money for. In return for a small donation, supporters can nominate people that your Traveling Hobo Band will go and visit.

When you get to each of the nominated houses, set up in the front yard with all of your decorations placed around you. Take a seat and belt out some songs, waving at cars and anyone who walks by.

At an appropriate point knock on the front door and explain to the homeowner who you are, giving them your information sheet. Let them know that for a small donation you'll take your Traveling Hobo Band elsewhere — most people will be only too happy to pay to see the back of you!

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