Tractor Pull

For your next fundraiser try this twist on an old theme: rather than seeing how much a tractor can pull, see how many people it takes to pull a tractor instead.

Find a farmer in the area who is willing to donate a tractor and a field for the cause. Form teams of volunteers and get all of the participants to pay an entry fee to get involved and raise funds.

On the day of the event you can award prizes in several different categories (furthest, fastest, best method and so on). For prizes you might want to set aside some of the entry fee or ask for donations from retailers in the same neighborhood.

You can also contact local tractor and farm supplies stores to see if they are willing to donate themed prizes. More money can be made by charging an admission fee for anyone who wants to come and watch.

A concession stand gives you even more income for your fundraising. Gear the items on the stand to the weather — coffee and hot cocoa for in the cold, but beer, soda, iced tea, and water if the sun is out.

For the benefit of the kids you could have a pee-wee tractor pull as well, letting the kids pull it and race each other. You might also want to consider a 50/50 raffle on the day to raise additional donations.

See our in-depth article about hosting a tractor pull fundraiser here.

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