Theater Night

Dim the lights, raise the curtain, and get ready for the show — this is an event that can raise funds and entertain the community at the same time and involves your group putting on a play. You're going to need plenty of time for planning, advertising and rehearsing, but it's a lot of fun to do and can strengthen the relationships between your group too.

Check with your local theater to see if they're willing to let you use their auditorium, or ask around the local schools for appropriate facilities that they are happy to let you make use of. It's a good idea to pick a production that has a lot of different roles so as many people from your group can get involved as possible. Schedule rehearsals for times when everyone can meet together.

Those who can't fit into the cast or who don't want to be in the play can lend a hand by donating items for props, managing the stage and selling tickets. Give a few group members the task of being ushers on the night the play takes place. To advertise, post flyers around your community and make full use of social networking websites too. Check in with local TV and radio stations to see if they are willing to spread the word.

You don't need to get fancy with building and painting sets. Depending on the play you've chosen, something as simple as a small table and two chairs might do. The focus should be on putting on an entertaining show and raising funds for a good cause, and if it's a success, you can arrange an encore or even an annual event.

Learn more about hosting a theater night fundraiser here.


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