Teacher (or Boss) Payback

For this fundraiser you're going to need the help of a willing teacher or boss. You then pick several suitable activities to get the teacher or boss to perform as a form of “payback”.

Write out the details of each possible activity on jars or boxes and then let students or staff vote for their favorite by dropping in money. After a set period of time (anything from a few days to a week), count up the money in each jar — the option that's raised the most funds is the winner, and the teacher or boss has to have a go at the chosen activity.

Suitable tasks for a teacher could be providing a class with pizza for lunch, shaving off a beard or mustache, trying ou a new haircut (or hair color) or wearing a clown suit for a day.

For the boss, the potential tasks could be chores no one else wants to do: making the coffee, washing cars, taking out the office trash, cleaning up the bathrooms, and so on.

The key to the success of the event is finding something that's fun for the employees or students to see but not too off-putting for the teacher or boss.

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