Super Sub Sale

Your group can make the most of the biggest sporting events — like the Super Bowl, All Star Game, Final Four, Stanley Cup and so on — by having a super sub sale. These submarine sandwiches are also known as heroes and hoagies depending on the area, so you can change the name bas required.

Write down a list of pre-orders beforehand so you have an idea of the level of supplies you're going to need. Your customers will appreciate having a choice of subs to pick from (such as Italian, turkey or ham) but for simplicity's sake it's best to offer just the one size.

Get in touch with local bakers (for bread) and a local delis (for sliced lunch meat and cheese). You're also going to need onions, lettuce and tomatoes with optional choices such as hot peppers, pickles and dressings. The more help you can get with the food the better.

The night before, get all of the ingredients together and then assemble them in the morning — you might want to set up an assembly line to maximum speed and efficiency. Set a specific time at which people can pick up their orders and make a few extra subs in case there are any last-minute sales.

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