Snow Cones

Cool, colorful snow cones are a fun way of beating the heat, and you can use a snow cone fundraiser in tandem with some other kind of larger summertime event such as a craft show or an art fair.

To get set up you're going to need wax-coated paper cones, shaved ice and a range of different flavored syrups. Check whether you need any permits to be able to sell food within your city or county before you set up shop.

If you have access to a small kiosk or have the ability to build one, you'll attract much more attention and additional custom. If that's beyond your reach (or budget), you can easily make do with a large table or two.

Make sure there are plenty of volunteers from your group on hand — some can be serving, some can be taking money, and some can be on standby to go and get more supplies or to relieve the others. You'll take more money if you're a little creative with the colors and flavors you offer beyond the traditional combinations.

Don't forget to have a stack of napkins available for all your customers. If the weather is particularly warm, some people may just want plain ice in a cone, which you could offer for a reduced price.

Offering bottled water gives you another potential income stream.


  1. Tonya Williams says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful and easy fundraising ideas!

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