Snack Bar or Pantry

You may have never thought about it, but we pay a lot of money for the convenience of using a vending machines — vendors can easily charge $1.25 (or more) for something that's only $0.50 when bought from a warehouse club. That $1.00 candy bar you just picked up can be purchased for about $0.25 in bulk, and so on.

Ask yourself why you should give all that cash to a vending company to reward them for dropping in a large, loud, energy wasting eyesore of a machine?

This fundraiser is one that's ongoing. It works best in smaller offices and offices where all the employees trust one another.

Find a place in your office that can serve as the pantry or snack bar. You could set up a cabinet and refrigerator in an existing lunch room perhaps. Make sure the pantry is well stocked with different types of soda, bottled water, and sports drinks. Add candy bars, pretzels, and chips as well — in fact, feel free to include just about any type of snack food that's available for $0.50 or less. You could also consider frozen or shelf-stable instant lunches.

You'll find you can get the best deal (and the biggest profit margins) if you shop at wholesale locations and warehouse clubs.

Pin up a price list that points out the savings when compared to vending machines, and set up an honor system pot for collecting payment. You're then all ready to go. Ensure the pantry stays well stocked and ask for further suggestions from your customer base.

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