Silly Sweepstakes

This is a great fundraising idea that you can run alongside a dinner fundraiser event, and it should be a lot of fun too.

Give everyone a raffle ticket to begin the silly sweepstakes, then brainstorm a list of silly things for the “winners” to get up to. Start with ideas that are straightforward to implement, such as wearing an unusual hat for the course of the dinner or passing the rolls round to the table that's furthest away.

If you want to step up to some more embarrassing activities, you could include singing a daft song (make sure lyrics are providing) or taking orders like a waiter and then preparing plates accordingly.

Each task should have a monetary value (a range of $1 to $10 should be about right). The twist with this idea is that everyone can pay the fee rather than having to undertake the task they've been given.

Those with an adventurous spirit will happily throw themselves into the activities, while others will gladly pull out their checkbooks. You could allow the winners to take a collection from their friends if they don't have enough money to escape the forfeit themselves.

Give the silly sweepstakes a try at your next fundraiser and you'll soon see how much fun it can be.

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