Show Up In Your Jammies Day

Haven't we all wished we could just roll out of bed and head to work or school in our pajamas? With this fundraiser you can make this dream and reality and give people the opportunity to turn up in their jammies.

For the privilege of staying in your nightwear collect donations of between $1-5 in the morning and give out hand stamps as proof that people have paid. For some added interest try and get the teachers and principals (or those high up in your organization) to get involved in the event too.

As an added source of income you might want to sell donuts and bagels before school for breakfast. You might also want to sell slippers as well to help people really relax into the day.

When lunchtime comes around you could put on a pajama fashion show, giving out awards for the best dressed person, the most creative outfit, and the funkiest (or ugliest) pajamas. See if the cafeteria will join in the fun by serving breakfast-type foods for lunch.

This could prove a very popular fundraiser, particularly for those schools that normally have a strict dress code and for those students who find a uniform a little bit restrictive.

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