Shaken or Stirred?

Now for a fundraiser that's certain to create a buzz and attract the crowds. It's suitable for adult fundraising groups and should be strictly limited to those aged 21 and over.

Get in touch with a bar or nightclub in your area that's willing to donate its facilities, then speak to any local celebrities you can contact, asking them if they'd be interested in being a bartender for the night to help out your organization. Some ideas of people you could contact include the mayor, a local news anchor, sports stars, the chief of police (or fire) or local singers and artists.

With the help of the local television stations, cable channels and newspapers make sure that your event is well covered. If you can put out a professional press release then this will improve your chances.

Your group makes its money through tips at the bar, and you might be able to get a percentage of the door receipts too, depending on the venue.

When the of the event comes round, have your celebrity bartenders arriving in plenty of time so they can learn the ropes. If professional bartenders are there to help them out, so much the better — you can't really expect your volunteers to know what a pink squirrel is if it's their first time in the job.

Think about introducing some kind of crowd control system so that the queues keep moving and everyone has chance to get a drink.

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