Services Auction

Have a look around your group and your local community and you'll find there are many different kinds of professions and skill-sets represented. Use this to your advantage by asking anyone who provides a service to offer it up as part of a services auction for your organization.

One idea would be to offer a single hour of the professional service in exchange for the winning bid, whatever it happens to be — services such as lawn trimming, cleaning, babysitting and many others would all work well. For other types of profession, such as car repair, you could base the auction on a number of jobs rather than the time they take to do.

If you're planning to host the fundraiser early in the year, you could see if you can get a professional tax preparer to participate in it. Look out for any topical or seasonal tie-ins you can make to add to the appeal of your event.

Start the bidding rates just below what the service would normally cost and see how far you can get it to grow. Once the auction is over it's up to the winner and the person offering the service to work out the details.

You can read more information about unique auction fundraising events here.

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