Scrapbook Crop

Your treasured photos don't belong in shoe boxes and should be on show for everyone to see, and perhaps this is why scrapbooking is becoming such a popular past-time. It seems like it's growing in popularity week by week, with new scrapbook stores popping up everywhere you look.

Use this idea as a jumping off point for a fundraiser that should encourage more people to get their pictures out of darkened cupboards and draws and into albums where they belong.

A “scrapbook crop” refers to a group of people who come together to work on their picture scrapbooks, sharing equipment and ideas at the same time. Scheduling your “crop” for a Saturday or Sunday or for a Friday night is probably best, and as for venues, a cafeteria would be ideal.

The tickets that you sell should entitle each scrapbooker to a designated flat workspace (4 feet by 2½ feet is a decent size), and you might want to throw in lunch too. Try contacting the direct marketing scrapbooking companies (e.g. Creative Memories or Stampin' Up) to see if their consultants would like to offer expertise and products for sale at the event. They might even be willing to donate part of their proceeds towards your good cause.

One alternative is to visit a local scrapbook store instead and see if you can use their crop area. Participants would then have easy access to all the tools and supplies they need. Pizza and soda would round off the event nicely.

You can read more about craft fundraisers here.

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