Scramble (best ball) Golf Tournament

This is a golf tournament that's fun for all players, no matter how good or bad they happen to be at the sport.

Find a local golf course that's happy to offer up their facilities for the course of the day, then let your players enter in teams of four (either arranged in advance or drawn at random). You can raise money by charging an entry fee, and if you can get some local celebrities participating then you could charge more to be on one of these teams.

Here's how a scramble tournament works: all four people on a team tee off. The team then decides whose tee shot is in the most advantageous position, and all four team members hit their next ball from there. This process continues until the team reaches the green, at which point the best green lie is chosen and each member putts from this position. After the first putt, everyone carries on playing their own ball. At the end of the hole the best score for each team is recorded.

You can have a photographer busy taking pictures of all the foursomes and these can be sold as souvenirs. You can also make use of a beer or soda cart to provide refreshments (and take in extra donations).

you can read more about holding a golf tournament here.

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