Reserved Seats

Most of us have dreamt of sitting on the court at a basketball game or on the fifty yard line in the case of football. Your group can help make this dream come true with a raffle for the best seat in the house.

This is a raffle that can be ongoing and used at all of the sporting events hosted by your school — make sure the two best seats in the stands or on the floor are always reserved for your organization to raffle off.

Put raffle tickets on sale before the game and then declare the winner just before it starts. The winner and a friend of their choosing can then sit in the reserved seats for the whole game — you might also want to get a volunteer to fetch them concessions as and when required.

If the coach is willing to get involved in the event, he or she could go over to the winning pair of supports and take “advice” for the rest of the game (even if it isn't taken seriously).

It might be a nice to present the winner and his or her friend with a team ball, t-shirt or other suitable souvenir as a reminder of the time that they had the best seats in the house.

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