Popcorn Tasting

You've no doubt come across all kinds of tasting events: wine, coffee, tea, desserts… why not add popcorn to the list? It's a unique fundraiser that's much more enjoyable than trekking from door to door or sending order forms home with the children.

Find a suitable location to hold your popcorn tasting event. For added fun you could combine it with a movie night — it's well established that popcorn and movies go well together.

Arrange your popcorn samples and have your guests pick out the ones they'd like to try. In recent times the basic butter, cheese and caramel flavors have been joined by a whole host of new tastes and styles, including chocolate, jalapeno, sour cream and chives, butter pecan, and even fruit flavors such as grape and spiced apple. There's plenty of variety to choose from.

As your guests turn up, hand out order forms for them to fill in as they taste the popcorn and decide which ones they'd like to order more of. Make sure that there are beverages on hand for washing down all of the popcorn.

There are several ways to make your money here — you can host the event for free and use the popcorn orders to make cash, or charge an entry fee, or charge for the movie or sodas, whatever you think best. You might even want to put a minimum order amount in place to ensure a good return.

If you find that the popcorn tasting event goes well, think about holding more than one a year, especially around the holidays — tins of flavored popcorn make ideal presents!

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