Pin it On (Flower Corsages)

Every mom loves being spoilt and honored on Mother's Day and a great way to do this is with a flower corsage. Your group can put together corsages as your next fundraiser, recognizing the great work that moms do while earning some money for a worthwhile cause.

Unless you already have some experts in your group, get plenty of advice from a local florist about how to do the assembling. Alternatively you could have a volunteer from your group take a class on how to make them (they could then pass on their knowledge to everyone else).

You'll need to find a nursery to source the flowers from, and decide on the types of flowers and colors that you're going to use (you could make all the corsages the same or add from variety). You also need to source your other supplies, including floral tape and pins, from somewhere.

Take pre-orders in advance so you know how many corsages you need to make, but add on a few extra for last-minute sales. Then set a pick up time and date for people to collect their arrangements. As well as Mother's Day, you can use this fundraiser at Easter and Christmas too.

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