Photos With Santa

Kids love the experience of meeting Santa Claus, but they don't have to settle for a hastily taken photo at a crowded mall — host your own photos with Santa session and give the children a better experience while earning money for your group. You'll need to put in some planning in advance, but you'll find it's well worth the effort.

Speak to as many local photographers as you can until you find one willing to donate their time and talents, then dress up a volunteer from the community as Santa Claus himself. You should be able to rent an appropriate costume fairly inexpensively.

Get an authentic-looking background set up — you might want to include an artificial tree, empty boxes wrapped up to look like gifts, and a suitable backdrop (the photographer might be able to help out here). Remember that the event doesn't have to be just for kids if there are interested adults!

You can even let pets in on the action, though check with your Santa first and keep animals on leashes until it's time for the photo. Set up a concession stand too, with punch and cookies for everyone to enjoy while they wait, and you have another source of income. Enjoy getting into the holiday spirit!

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