Photo Scanning

Photo sharing has got much easier since digital cameras and the Internet arrived, but you've probably got plenty of old pictures stuck in albums or piled up in shoeboxes. Wouldn't it be great if you could share these photos too? Well, you can!

All that's required is a flatbed scanner, a computer to attach it to and some image scanning software. If your organization doesn't already have access to a flatbed scanner, check local equipment rental stores to see if you can rent one for the duration of the fundraiser.

It's a good idea to set a price per photo, but if you have customers with a pile of pictures you can offer them a discount. Let participants bring along their own CDs or flash drives to save the scanned photos to, or include them in part of the whole package for an extra fee (CDs and paper sleeves can be bought in bulk for minimal cost).

Always handle the photos you've given with care — these are people's precious memories. You could place a limit on the maximum age of photos you're willing to handle to avoid damage, and have customers remove photos from albums themselves before they are scanned.

One option is to run a follow up class on uploading pictures to the Web for an additional fee, bringing in even more money for your cause.

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