Pawfect Art Show

Bring out the inner Picasso from inside your pet and create a fun art fundraiser with this idea. You can opt to limit it just to dogs or allow any type of pet (within reason) to enter and submit some artwork.

Give everyone who's participating some paints and a canvas, or hire out an art studio where everyone can meet (if you choose the latter you'll also need a cleaning station for washing paint off paws). Dogs (or pets) and their companions then have free reign to create their own masterpieces.

Put all of the created artworks into a gallery to show them off, with a small bio by each painting to explain who the author is. You could set out jars beside each artwork so people can drop in coins to vote for their favorites — one penny stands for one vote.

If you like you can sell off all of the paintings to raise funds, either through an auction or by using a set price for each piece of art. Add to the art show vibe by offering sparkling grape juice, cheese, and hors d’oeuvres for the benefit of your guests. Who knows, you might discover the new Van Gogh!

You can find more pet friendly fundraising tips here.

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