Pants, Who Needs Pants Day?

This one can get a little weird, so prepare yourself. It's a fundraiser aimed primarily at professional or semi-professional organizations that have a relatively strict dress code in place, and where you can sell day passes to that dress code.

Essentially it's a pass to wear shorts, but the kitschy name should raise a laugh and help to attract more attention. You can do variations on the theme too, such as a Hawaiian shirt day, a jeans day, a swimsuit day, or anything along those lines that could work for your organization.

The main aim is to give your workers or members a chance to have some time off from the regulations, while making money and improving morale at the same time. It should be something on the calendar that staff look forward to.

The fundraiser can match up nicely with themed days or events — why not have a beach day with people dressed in shorts and t-shirts? You could also sell tropical (non-alcoholic) beverages too, to add to the atmosphere. While the fundraiser works best with corporations, there's no reason why schools and other types of organization can't use it too, and there's plenty of scope for tailoring it to meet your specific needs.

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