Pancake Breakfast

A simple pancake breakfast is one of the most commonly used fundraisers: it's straightforward to plan, won't cost you much to run and should be a big success. After all, who doesn't like pancakes?

Head down to your local grocery store to find everything you need to make the pancakes themselves (alternatively buy everything in bulk at a club store). Make sure you don't forget the syrup — in fact, you might want to provide a couple of different flavored syrups (such as blueberry) to add some variety to the tastes on offer.

For the event you're also going to need a couple of large electric griddles and somewhere to plug them in — the best location would be a place where there is room to sit and eat, such as a cafeteria. Check with local schools to see if they will let you host your pancake breakfast there.

As for raising money, you can charge either by the pancake or by the plate (with a set number of pancakes served). It's a fundraiser particularly suited to Sundays and would work well if you're trying to raise cash for a church project. You could even hold it in the church and offer a warm breakfast after the service has finished.

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