Paint the Curb

Collect some number stencils, some paint and some masking tape and you're ready for a “paint the curb” fundraiser. Having your exact address painted on the curb in front of where you live can save precious seconds if the emergency services ever need to locate your home, so the event has some practical value too.

Put together a flyer than explains the purpose of your group and what you're raising money for. Let residents know what you'll be in their neighborhood on a certain date and that you're happy to paint address numbers on the curb in return for a donation (and explain the benefits of choosing to do this).

Your flyers need to be distributed door to door a few days in advance. Make sure you don't place them inside mailboxes, as this violates federal law. You might also want to get in some practice painting before the day arrives too.

Knock on doors as you go round the neighborhood and speak to the owner of the property. Outline who you are (using the flyer for cues) and ask if they would be interested in taking part. If they agree, make sure they get chance to inspect it and give their final approval. Thank you notes can be left to show your appreciation.

Always check with your local municipality to make sure you are following all relevant regulations and requirements before you get started.

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