Movie Marathon

Here's one for the film fans — pop some popcorn, turn the lights down and get ready for a night full of movie magic! You'll find that many theaters are happy to work with groups such as yours to arrange special functions, particularly if you are raising money for a good cause.

Reach out and make contact with some of the theaters in your local area to start organizing the overnight movie marathon. You can arrange with the theater owners to sell concessions so that you can focus on collecting ticket fees. It might be a good idea to choose a fun theme for your marathon, and there's plenty of flexibility here: you could go for something fun like 50s musicals, or opt for Alfred Hitchcock classics, horror flicks, or cheesy 80s movies, depending on the make up of your group. Work out whether you want to have an age requirement, and of course be sure that the films you select are going to be suitable for everyone who turns up.

You can tailor your movie night however you like: it can be a fun event for the whole family, or a cosy date night that's geared more towards the grown ups. Enlist some help from volunteers in your organization to manage ticket sales and to tidy up the venue after the movies have finished. If you're on your best behavior while you're at the theater, your group will have a better chance of arranging an encore performance in the future.

See our in-depth article about movie night fundraisers for more information.

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