Miniature Golf Marathon

Short putters, mini pencils, it can only mean one thing… it's Miniature Golf time.

Put on this is lively fundraiser, which works for all ages, and you can test out your putting skills around water, sand traps, rocks and many more types of obstacle.

Find your group a local miniature golf course where the owners are happy to donate the facility for a day in aid of a worthy cause. If you're interested in having a 24-hour golfing marathon, look for a course that's lit up during the evening. Alternatively, have a less strenuous 12-hour session (including breaks for eating and using the restroom of course). Be sure to set a rain date in case inclement weather causes you problems.

If you are doing a 24-hour event, it's a good idea to separate your teams to cover 4, 8, or 12 hour shifts. Have all of your group members seek sponsors who are willing to donate money in exchange for the participants playing golf for the designated length of time. You could also reach out to local restaurants to see if they are interested in offering food and drinks for the golfers — remember that everyone will need to be well hydrated and eating regularly to keep their strength up.

Contact your local media outlets as well, as they may want to cover your story (this could be a great way of attracting more donations). 4 person teams will probably work best, and make sure each team knows the rules of the game beforehand. Have fun!

Find out more about holding your own mini-golf fundraiser tournament here.

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