Luau Fundraiser Ideas

Get planning a luau fundraiser and you can bring some tropical flavor from the islands to your local community very easily. Aloha!

If you have a beach near to where you live, create an authentic experience by offering a traditional pig roast. Add to the mood by including some fish on the menu (such as mahi mahi) as well as fresh pineapple and mango and even poi for the brave. If you find a traditional luau menu too complicated or pricey, you can always grill some burgers and hot dogs as an alternative.

What really makes the luau special and unique is the atmosphere. Ask for a fee when people sign up and ask everyone to wear grass skirts or colorful Hawaiian shirts and shorts. Make the event slightly campy, and ensure there's an award for the loudest shirt there. Have a word with local dance instructors to see if any of them are prepared to attend and donate a brief hula lesson.

Get a fire going for everyone to sit around safely, and you can sit back and enjoy blue Hawaiians, mai tais, and daiquiris.

You're also going to need a beverage station with a blender, if you can find one. Alternatively you can pre-make the drinks and serve them straight from coolers. Don't forget to offer non-alcoholic choices for those who appreciate them and for the kids if this is a family event. For some extra fun, you can give out leis to people as they arrive.

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