Local Series of Poker

Poker is going through a real surge in popularity at the moment and it seems like everyone from celebrities to next-door neighbors are joining in. You might want to consider hosting an amateur poker night to try and raise funds for your cause.

Speak to any rental businesses you can find in your area to check the availability of poker tables. As usual, you might be able to work out a lower rate in exchange for some free advertising at the event itself.

Ideally you want to find some volunteers with dealing experience, as they will know the rules of the game and can help the event to run smoothly. Practice and training sessions could be made available if you think they are necessary. Charge an entry fee for people to join the tournament and give all the participants a set number of poker chips to make use of — again, you could play a practice round so that everyone gets chance to familiarize themselves with the rules. Once there's a winner at each table, these individuals can move on to the next round. In the final round, players compete for a cash prize or trophy (check your local laws if you're unsure about what you can and can't do).

If local law dictates that a charity poker event can't have prizes, sell raffle tickets to players and audience members instead. Players should be provided with free raffle tickets as part of the entry fee. The winners of the tournament will at least have bragging rights until the next event is held.

You can find out more about hosting a games night fundraiser here.


  1. Raymond says:

    You need to let additional people to get involved with the game at no cost if you
    have a superb hand.

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