Language Classes

“Buon giorno!” Or “hello” if you're Italian. There are many moments when knowing a foreign language can be helpful, whether it's speaking to people from different backgrounds within your own community or travelling to other places in the world and making yourself understood.

A great way of raising money on an ongoing basis for your organization is to offer language classes. The essential part of the project has to be someone who is fluent in another language: does someone in your group speak Spanish or French, for example? Are they able to teach others some basic vocabulary and sentence structure skills? If so, you're already well on your way.

The people taking your basic language courses don't have to emerge talking like natives — your aim can simply be to teach common words and phrases to help people communicate effectively (hello, goodbye, thank you, asking the time and so on).

You are going to need some space to hold the class in — maybe a school cafeteria or a classroom, as these locations already have tables and chairs set up. Ask around the local schools to see if there are any available spaces. You can also help students go further by recommending books or courses that can provide the next step up.

Don't forget that many middle and high school students have to take foreign language classes. Offering tutoring in this way is another great fundraising option that will not only raise money for your your cause, but also gives assistance to students and parents as well.

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