Kissing Contest

Are you the sort of person who would consider puckering up if it meant raising money for your chosen charity? What about your favorite team or another needy organization?

It may come as no surprise that when you leave the dreaded/wonderful (depending on who you ask) Kissing Fundraiser in the hands of a group of imaginative kids or adults, they can come up with some very inventive objects for your affection — a pig, your boss, your teacher, your grandma, someone dressed in drag, and so on.

On the other hand, you might not be into swapping spit for charity. If this is the case you can opt to host a Kissing Fundraiser in the chocolate sense — in other words, a Hershey Kiss fundraiser. Get together a team of heavenly looking men and women and have them act the part of cupid, delivering fun messages from secret (or not so secret admirers) to the people they have a crush on.

Every kiss should be accompanied by a personalized love message, and you can offer these for purchase (a small amount around $1 should work). Give buyers a chance to write out a loving or lustful message on a little card you provide, and use a ribbon to attach it to a Hershey Kiss.

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