Karaoke Night

As karaoke nights often prove, a hidden singer is somewhere inside all of us. Most of us would admit to singing in the shower or car, or in other situations where no one else is around, but a karaoke night fundraiser can help bring out people's talents for a wider audience.

Your first consideration should be where to host the event — any sort of cafeteria can work well, as there are often tables and chairs already set up, saving you the bother. Track down somewhere that rents out karaoke machines and check if you can get a discount because the proceeds are going towards a good cause (you can offer free advertising during the event if it will help).

Add a theme to your karaoke night by styling the location as a coffee shop or bar. You can serve elaborate coffee drinks or non-alcoholic frozen beverages. Alternatively you can have alcoholic beverages available if this is appropriate for your group (and it will certainly help get the karaoke going).

Ask for an entry fee from attendees but offer discounts for people who are willing to sing to make sure you have a good list of volunteers. Participants can sing solo or in groups as they prefer. An emcee is a good idea if you want to keep the event flowing, and you should encourage anyone who puts in a great performance to repeat their act.

Hit the right note with our full guide to hosting a karaoke fundraiser.

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