Ice Hole Swim

Ever found yourself wondering what it's like to take a dip in ice cold water in the style of a polar bear or a seal? Well, set up an ice hole swim fundraiser for your group and you'll have the opportunity to find out.

You can opt to put entry fee on the event or get the participants to collect sponsorship money in return for going for a swim in a stretch of freezing water.

Locate a suitable river or lake that you can utilize for your swim, making sure there are warm towels, blankets and plenty of hot coffee or cocoa available for people to pick up after the swim has finished. Those participating don’t actually have to swim in the water, just get into it up to a point where they feel comfortable. Make sure everyone has a dry change of clothes to use later.

As with any event, safety comes first: having paramedics and an ambulance on hand is an absolute must. Life jackets for any swimmers who want them are also recommended. If there's ice on the water where you're planning your swim, have a ladder of some sort so people can get out of the water easily. You should also check with the coast guard or sheriff's office in advance to get advice on the conditions (you may find they provide a rescue diver or an on-site lifeguard for additional safety).

If there's no indoor area available for you to warm up in, you might want to consider having a bonfire instead. Each of your swimmers will feel powerfully invigorated by the experience and have quite a tale to tell friends and family.

Find out more about organizing a Polar Bear Dip here.

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