Hugs and Kisses

This fundraiser is perfectly suited to being run close to the romantic holidays (like Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day and the like) or at the end of the school year when students are wishing each other farewell.

Package together some Hershey's hugs and kisses candies (the small chocolates wrapped in foil) using appealing cellophane bags that have a blank note card included. On the card leave space for the student's full name and homeroom location to make delivering them easier; you could offer the option of a seal to keep the message private.

You can have the made up bags available for purchase from a specific point or volunteer to deliver them by hand to each homeroom on a certain day. Send letters to parents so they have the chance to purchase a bag for their child. The students themselves will love getting the candy love notes in such a unique and personalized way.

Keep a secret admirer donation box available that students, teachers and anyone else can leave donations in. Maintain a list of all the students that really deserve something extra (honor roll students, students that have performed well and so on) and use the secret admirer fund to send them a package too.

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