How Many in That Jar?

To make this fundraiser work you're going to need to rely on your best guessing skills. That said, it's very easy to run and doesn't need much in the way of equipment.

Get your hands on a large jar, clear box or similar container and find something to fill it with — you could choose candy covered chocolates, nails, marbles, cards or anything along these lines Provide index cards or slips of paper so you can mark down people's guesses together with their contact details.

Place the jar somewhere public and get a volunteer to sell guess slips for $1-2. Let people submit as many guesses as they are ready to pay for. Use a box to hold all of the guess slips as they are filled out.

By running the for a week or so you can give everyone a chance to submit a guess. After they've all been entered, get together a small group of people to count up the items in the jar and determine how many there are — you'll probably have to repeat the count a couple of times to be sure.

Announce the winner (with the closest guess) and present them with a share of the total funds collected.

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