Holiday Card Fundraiser

As the holiday period comes around again, it's time to start thinking about keeping in touch with friends and family — although electronic communication methods have replaced many of the traditional day-to-day formats, there are plenty of people who still enjoy sending paper cards for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

If you are the type of person who likes sending cards, then you won't want to leave anyone out — you'll need to cover family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and even the people who teach your kids. Add in doctors, dentists and mail carriers and you're looking at a lot of cards.

Your group can take full advantage of the tradition by running a holiday card fundraiser. First of all find a company selling holiday cards by the box, and you should find they can provide you with catalogs and order forms. You can take these door to door in your group, or choose to distribute them around your local churches, schools, and places of work.

Once you've gathered in all of the orders, the card company you've linked up with will either send the cards directly to each customer, or post them in bulk to you so you can distribute them. Don't forget to include local businesses in your fundraising events — companies often send cards to customers and clients, giving you the opportunity to be their one-stop shop for all the cards they're going to need.

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