Head Shaving

When it comes to a head-shaving fundraiser there are many possibilities, and you're only really limited by your imagination — here are a few ideas to help you decide on something to do.

See if you can find a school teacher or principal who is happy to have their head shaved for your cause — someone with long hair is ideal, as the more they are giving up the more people will be inclined to donate. Have the head shaving in public when you've met your goal. You might even want to let the top donors or fundraisers take turns with the clippers; alternatively, you can find a local barber who is willing to do the job.

Another option is to have a beard or mustache shaving session. See if you can make contact with a salon or barbershop willing to donate some time, expertise and their place of business for a period. You can then offer head shaving and haircuts in return for suitable donations. You could collect a group of people who are willing to shave their heads to show support for someone already losing their hair to chemotherapy (each participant can find sponsors who are prepared to donate money in return for the head shaving).

You'll find that certain charities collect donated hair in order to create wigs for cancer patients — check with organizations and beauty salons in your area regarding the requirements for donations.

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