Guided Nature Hike

As the weather starts improving, people are more inclined to get outdoors. Instead of spending a beautiful spring or summer day sitting around, why not put on a guided nature hike?

This is easier to do if you live near a state park or can easily access public wooded areas nearby. Arrange a group to get together and enjoy everything nature has to offer — you might be able to get help from a local park ranger or nature enthusiast you know to lead your expedition.

One option is to charge a fee for coming along, and then add on a few special extras (such as a picnic lunch and bottled water to avoid dehydration). You might also want to rent out binoculars for those interested in seeing birds, butterflies and other wildlife at close quarters. Put together lists of birds, insects, and animals that can be seen in your area so members of the group will know what they're looking out for.

You could even turn this into a small contest, where hikers mark off creatures they see as they go along, with whoever spots the most animals winning a prize.

When the hike draws to a close, make sure you take a group photo and let people buy prints to keep as a permanent memento. Arrange a guided nature hike and you can get people up off their couches and foster some community spirit all while you raise funds for your cause.

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